Types of Blackmailers

Blackmail that happens online is known as sextortion or online blackmail, which occurs when a victim meets a person on the internet, or on a dating or sex app. The action then moves to a platform where a face-to-face video is possible. Or the victim sends photos or videos themselves directly to the decoy.  Either way, while chatting or indulging, the blackmailer is gathering personal information to use as leverage.

Most assume men are the only victims of blackmail; this is untrue. Many women fall prey because of a relationship with an online romance scammer. After the scammer has bled the victim dry of their savings, they pull one more punch and threaten to expose their private photos.

Offline blackmail happens in a variety of ways: sugar daddy relationships that have ended — connecting with an escort who had access to your personal information or has secretly taken photos. Sometimes, personal relationships go wrong, and revenge porn or shaming occurs. 

The dangers of offline blackmailers are these are people who have been in your life physically. They have had access, there might be more secrets, like compromising information that they can divulge. They can even turn into stalkers who refuse to back off or predators who keep turning up in your life.

Help With Blackmail

Protect The Circle!

The automatic when it comes to blackmailing is what do they know and how do you protect yourself and loved ones. Think about everything, does the blackmailer know your family, friends, employment, social sites, mobile, and email address. Some sextortionist extract database reports on victims. Whatever they know is a useful tool and a potential point of contact for blackmailing. Unfortunately, if they cannot contact you, they will reach out to those in your circle. The strategy is to protect the circle.


Blackmail and sextortion do not go away; action must occur to protect all. Such as creating disinformation for the extortionist to follow. Hence give them false online information to follow. Therefore, when they resurface in two or three months, and they will. The internet is filled with bogus data that protects you and those you love.


From the perspective of the blackmailer, you are in the hunt, their prey. If you pay them, it will never end, you must fight back; however, there is a right way and a wrong of going to war. I offer two services I consult on how to rid yourself of the blackmailer for short-term protection. For long-term protection, I create disinformation to combat against contact and potential exposure. There is no doubt that I can help with blackmail and extortion. 

Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn Blackmail Expert
Frank M. Ahearn Blackmail Expert

Blackmail Thoughts & Things

Social Sites

Shut down or turn all of your social media private. If the blackmailer is on your social sites, block and report them. 

Points of Contact

Have you chatted on your mobile, SMS text, email, Whatsapp, or similar? Delete select apps.


Did the blackmailer disclose your home address and family members? They might have your database report. 

Law Enforcement

The police will tell you to block the blackmailer, plus your report could become public record. 


Your lawyer will suggest a cease & desist letter. Do you believe a blackmailer in a foreign country who committed felony fears such a message?

Cyber Companies

Cyber companies claim they can track the blackmailer, who knows if that is true.  Locating a blackmailer does not stop blackmail.

What To Do About Sextortion

What To Do About Blackmail

Think Before You Choose Help

There are fake companies that advertise blackmail help. Before you choose one, slow down, think wisely, and conduct some due diligence. 

  • Who is the key person behind the company? 
  • Is that person known online?
  • Will that person video to confirm their identity? 

If you search my name, Frank M. Ahearn, you will learn all you need to know. 

What To Do About Blackmail

Frank M. Ahearn Blackmail Expert

Frank M. Ahearn Blackmail Expert

Who is Frank M. Ahearn, and how can I help? Number one, I work alone; therefore, there are not multiple people like in other companies reviewing your information and secret. I am a privacy expert, and your information needs to be handled by one person and one person only!


I am the author of the New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace. I also travel the globe speaking for organizations about privacy and deception.


What really matters is I am excellent at strategic deception and online disinformation. I have five substantial talents, social engineering, finding people, disappearing people, disappearing information, and creating online disinformation. My expertise is second to none. 

Other companies that market blackmail and sextortion help, tend to provide an array of other non-related investigative or technical services. Not me, I work day in and day out, either combating blackmail or romance scams. If you want to know more about me, type my name in a search engine, and trust me, there is no one out there with the skills I have. 

What to do about blackmail? Set up a consultation, and let's work it out!

Frank M. Ahearn

Blackmail Consultation

Consultations Work

After you pay the consultation fee, email me at FA@FrankAhearn.com, and I will respond immediately. Let me know if you want to speak by phone or email. If by phone send me your number, let me know if you have WhatsApp, what time, and your time zone. 

If I do not respond immediately, it is because of the time difference, or I am on a plane. Hang strong, and I will get to you ASAP. 

Note, do not respond or send money to the blackmailer. They will not expose you immediately, they want money, and they will continue to be aggressive and harass you. Just wait until you reach me.

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