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Blackmail is an act of coercion using the threat of revealing or publicizing either substantially true or false, and often damaging, information about a person, to the public, family members, or associates unless certain demands are met.

FIGHT Online Blackmail & Sextortion

Blackmail & Sextortion

Sometimes people make the mistake of trusting someone they met on a dating site or a social site. They forget or ignore the fact that the person they are chatting with is an unidentified stranger. By neglecting such, you make yourself vulnerable to predators, like romance scammers or blackmailers. If you have found yourself at the wrong end of a camera or video, help is available.

Unfortunately, once you send pictures, videos, or information, there is no turning that around. The question is, do you pay or not? If you pay, they will come back for more, and there will be no end in sight. Not making a payment could trigger exposure. 

Paying is a lose, lose situation, and no matter what you will have to face the day you say no. However, there are right and wrong ways to say no.

Never Pay A Blackmailer!

What Does The Blackmailer Know?

Is Your Identity Known?

Can they locate your home address?

Do The Know Your Social Sites?

If so, they can locate family friends and possibly your employer.

Did You Share?

Your mobile phone, email address, or anything of value?

Who To Contact For Help?

The Police

The police will tell you to block the blackmailer and nothing more, plus the report could become public record.  

A Cyber Security Company

There are cybersecurity companies that claim they can trace a blackmailer. So what! Do you think a blackmailer cares? Will knowing their location stop the demand for money or potential exposure? Definitely not.

Why Frank

Frank M. Ahearn has consulted on dozens of blackmail and sextortion cases. To this day not, one of his clients have ever been exposed. Frank is an expert at human manipulation and digital deception, which are his tools to combat blackmail, and solve your problem.

It is imperative to deal with the blackmailer immediately by focusing on the short-term strategy, which is stall while your online and offline information is secured and protected. Then the objective is to rid yourself of the blackmailer. My consultation will guide you through this phase. For some clients, these actions solve all, but for others, there needs to be a long-term strategy.

Long Term Strategy

Some situation requires a long term strategy to protect from possible exposure — the long term tactic includes damage control and digital disinformation. The disinformation method is different for different people, but in a nutshell, I make sure the blackmailer cannot locate your online or offline information. Plus, I create numerous fake digital identities using your name and leave them vulnerable to the blackmailer. If you are exposed, the damage is contained by the online entities I created. 

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Fighting Deception With Deception!

Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn has been finding missing people for over thirty years. As a privacy expert he helps victims of stalkers, and others who have extreme privacy issues. Frank is the author of The New York Times Best Seller, How To Disappear. 

As a public speaker Frank has spoken for Berlin Smart Cities, Berlin-New Scientist Live, London - Arvato, Baden Baden - 2b AHEAD, Wolfsburg - Association of Directors, Monaco - Paperjam, Luxembourg - Princeton University - Lehigh University - Romance Writers of America - Mystery Writers of America - Sisters in Crime - Law Enforcement Professionals

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