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Blackmail And The Non-existent Video

Sometimes people let their fantasies get the best of them which allows common sense and discretion to disappear. With that comes a whole lot of internet trouble. 

The scenario is, you met a person online and began chatting. They ask to call you for a little phone fun, and you agree. In the privacy of your home, office, or car you take matters into your own hands, while they delight you with a little dirty talk. After you finish the deed and buckle up your pants, you become the victim of internet blackmail. 

The bad news arrives in an email or text, explaining that while having phone sex they hacked your mobile and captured the deed on video. It is the oh shit moment where your life flashes before their eyes. The demand is thousands of dollars or else. The or else is never pleasant.

Blackmailers work off the fear and know that you are not thinking logically but emotionally. Not having your camera on or video app engages, it is likely you a blackmailer cannot capture you on video. If you find yourself in such a situation, you must think logically and review what occurred. Let me say here, that you should never pay a blackmailer; they will keep coming until bled dry.

You need to get cool and strategize. No matter how much the rat demands, tell them you do not have that much money. If they come back to you with a lower amount, still refuse. If they do not drop, hold your ground, but usually, they do. The longer the negotiations continue, it is more than likely there is no video. Be bold and ask them to send you the video, if they refuse that speaks for itself. 

If you do find yourself the victim of sextortion, do not jump through hoops, take control, and never take the blackmailer at their word. However, to avoid all such troubles one could choose to elect discretion. 

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Frank M. Ahearn Combats Online Blackmail

Don't Play Porn Star

We know by now that second we hit the send button on a text or email, there is no return. The picture, video or comment is forever in the hands of another. And we have no control with what they do with the content. 

The person you met on a social or dating site is nothing more than an unidentified stranger. Consider the fact that you are engaging with someone you do not know; it could be someone of the same sex, twice your age, or the creep down the street. Whoever the person is, they are not your friend, lover, internet spouse, so grow up and get out of the fantasy world. 

There is nothing to gain by sending nude photos. Sure, there is the temporary excitement, but it pales to the horror of sextortion. I know, there is the hope the other person engages equally. I guarantee you the pictures are not them, nor are they some sexy Lithuanian with crystal blue eyes. 

Before you get funky and play a porn star ask yourself what's the upside, nothing. The downside is a path to a horror show, starring you. Even sharing compromising content with a current real-life partner could potentially make you a victim of revenge porn. 

There is a reason most of us put a little piece of tape over our laptop cameras — a thought to consider. 

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