Do Not Become A Victim

How Sextortion Happens

There are mistakes that occur, which makes an individual vulnerable to online blackmail. Like using your real identity when chatting with a person, you met online. Truthfully, there is no reason, to tell the truth to a stranger, what makes you think they are forthright; people lie and hide behind fake digital identities. Anyone from a social site is an unidentified stranger and nothing more. 

To share your name, email address, mobile, and work information that can instantly identify you is a mistake. A blackmailer can use the basics to run a database report and ultimately know your history. A danger of blackmail is it can turn into stalking. It not only places you in jeopardy but your family and job. Your actions can destroy your spouse, or even your children’s reputation in the neighborhood or school. What we do digitally, is not strictly restricted to ourselves. Therefore, we need to think of others before we act. 

Not all blackmailers demand money, some torture victims emotionally; others make deviant sexual demands. I have seen situations where deviants demanded some horrifying shit, or they would expose. One individual woke with a reminder from a stranger that thy could destroy his life by sending his wife compromised photos. The person never asked for money but enjoyed the torturing. 

When you open that dating app, or social site and you see a message. Take a moment, think about all the bad things that can happen if you are not responsible. Even if you do not expose yourself, sharing too much information with any stranger is a mistake. 

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Prevent Online Blackmail

Preventing online blackmail and sextortion is as easy as not sending compromising photos, videos, or doing anything of concern on a live camera. It sounds easy, but why then do so many get caught up in blackmailing. I can roll out a few reasons, like instant gratification, living a fantasy, and for those in a romance scam, it is fake love that conquers. 

The flipside of the coin is blackmailers are excellent at reading their victims. For some, the blackmail is instant, within twenty minutes of chatting. Others are groomed, where their desires, fears, hopes, love of books, buried secrets, and much more is extracted by the unknown stranger. Trust is built where the victims believe in the bubble they exist within. 

The intriguing part of blackmail bubbles is time does not exist. A week of chatting can grow the word love. The bubble is dangerous; it takes people to an edge, a desire they do not have in the daily grind. The fantasy takes over as a reality. The victim buys into the stranger, someone less known than their local bus driver or barista. 

Sending or not sending nude photos should not be based on trust, but an act never committed — even the best and most trusted relationships sour, hence the term revenge porn. If you don't pick up the drug, there is no chance of addiction. Therefore, the same goes, if you don't compromise yourself, no one will have power over you. 

How to prevent sextortion and online blackmail? Do not send compromising information. If you need help schedule a consultation with Frank M. Ahearn.