Protect Against Sextortion

Sugar Daddy Blackmail

Online blackmail and sextortion go beyond the digital world, and when it does, it is challenging to combat. I am referring to situations where individuals have physically entered your life, be it for one hour or one year.

In-call escorts, who enter a home or hotel room, create opportunities to gather information to set a person up. One step out of the room allows them to search through your belongings, collect identification, confidential business data, who knows.

What is even more dangerous is the relationship of understanding or, as some call it, a sugar daddy situation. These situations feed or raise a person's financial standings and status. Plus, you have opened the door to your life, possibly traveled, in photos together, and did the deed of sending them an electronic payment, a severe digital footprint. The precarious part will come when you decide to end the relationship, and they will then fall from financial grace. Who knows what the reaction will be, a demand for a big payoff to walk away? Or enact revenge.

Blackmail is not gendered biased; women too fall prey. Typically, those of wealth and success. These blackmailers are usually younger or less successful males. Many who find themselves in arrangements know it is not forever; therefore, some prepare for a rainy day. One of the issues with knowing your blackmailer is it can turn into a stalking situation where they don't disappear from your life.

Protecting yourself and getting out of the blackmail relationship is a delicate matter. If you are in one, I can help.

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Protect Your Identity & Reputation Against Sextortion

Combating Online Blackmail

There is no one tactic to combating online blackmail. The simple reason is there are many types of blackmailers. Some of them want a quick hit and will take an iTunes card payment, or a few hundred dollars through a cash transfer service. On the other end, are the hardcore malicious slime who demand thousands and threaten to destroy your life. Knowing the type, you are dealing with plays a part in strategy. 

Let me mention; I have worked with clients who were dealing with what appeared to be a lightweight of an extortionist. Then it changed up, and a new person must have come on board. We were then facing the most heartless and relentless individual. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the playing field to change. 

Many victims think that the person they met online is the one making financial demands. Untrue. The face in the photo is always fake, and the chat was with a male. Sorry fellas! What most do not realize until we speak is that they are dealing with a form of organized crime, not a solo player. The solo blackmailer is usually a relationship situation. 

Is it essential to know the identity of your online blackmailer? Or to trace their alleged whereabouts? No. It is more important to know the type you are fighting and how far they will push to collect money. If some cannot pull money from you, they will back off and return in a few months, whereas the aggressive types will come after you like a vicious dog. 

There is no one strategy to dealing with online blackmail. However, there are steps to take. If you met the person on a dating app or social site, report them. Plus, make your social media private or go nuclear and shut it all down. Tell everyone your mobile phone was hacked and not to open any emails about you. In truth, these actions are putting a band aid on a gunshot wound and hoping for the best. Better to try something than nothing. 

You are possibly thinking, this doesn't sound like much help. It's not, sextortion is serious shit, and five minutes of fun turns into weeks or months of stress and misery. You need a plan, not a hope and dream that all will be fine. Your best course of action is to disappear online and create disinformation for the slime to find. 

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